Many Signs He Thinks About You Alot, Especially When He Can’t Tell You How He Feels

Relationships can be very confusing, especially when it involves men. Many women are always thinking of whether or not the guy is interested in them. Fortunately, they can stop wondering and can start paying attention to various signs that will help women determine whether or not he has feelings for them. Below are examples of signs he thinks about you alot. So, if he is doing any of these, odds are he is interested in you.

Introduces You To Family and Friends

If a man is not interested in you, then he will not make an effort to introduce you to his family and friends. Think about it, what is the point of meeting people you will not see regularly? On the other hand, if you start hanging out with his inner circle, then that means he care about you and sees you in his future. Introducing you to family and close friends is a positive sign that the relationship is headed in the right direction.

Takes an Interest in Your Life

A guy that asks you various questions about yourself, family, career, goals, and other aspects, does show that he is interested in you and wants to get to know you on a deeper level. Guys that ask questions and listen to the responses show that they care and want to know things about you so that they are included in your life.

Greets You With a Hug

Next time you are with the guy you like, pay attention to the way he greets you. For example, if he embraces you, then he is interested. If he gives you a high five or a simple hello, then he probably sees you as a friend. Finally, if the guy is a hugger and greets everyone with a squeezer, pay attention to how he hugs you. If he holds you longer or tighter, then he is interested.

Relationships can be exhausting. Fortunately, there are signs around you, so pay close attention to them. If a guy cannot communicate his emotions towards you, try to pick up on the signs he is putting out.